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Liquids take the shape of their container. Cats are liquids?

Repinning "upside down kitty. Seeing this post got me to finally make this board, which I've thought of doing. I know a lot of people join me in the belief that cats a God's most exquisite creatures! Here is where I'll share some of the best pictures I come across.

Wish to start looking 10 years younger? Click Here Right now: ..She says This is my daughter

Hello Kitty kitty It has an expression that says, "I will kill you if you don't remove this thing immediately!"

I know what my cat's gonna be for Halloween! Thank goodness he's white!

I don't have clue what they are finding so interesting, but their facial expressions are so funny

super hero hello kitties!!! Wendye B, these are all you!!!

And this is how it all starts....then next thing you know we have another cat in the house.