Shade sail for patio and/or yard

Many amazing stained and engraved concrete porches and patios. This would really change things up!!

The shade garden

How to make an outdoor shade sail: Ideal for outdoor entertainment areas, but not over barbecues, shade sails are semi-permanent structures. You can install a basic sail by putting in posts or attaching it to a suitable structural part of the house. Make sure the sail is high enough, as it needs a slope to shed leaves. They come in a range of materials, sizes and prices, and can be unclipped over winter.

Shade gardening

Willow Dome playhouse

A back yard splash pad made out of beautiful (non slippery) Travertine tiles

Sails can be quickly and easily attached to homes trees or patio columns to create shade and interest.

wow patio!

nice, easy to make sun shade

Canvas + lights for shade and ambiance outside! Great summer idea for back yards or porches.

I want to live here... I cant aford an awning right now, but I thought I could use canvis or even cheaper a painters drop cloth to provide some shade, should work for now.

Sun Shade Sail Square - 16' x 16' - Heavy Weight

DIY shade sails.

Olivia's Kid-Friendly Patio

Side yard garden "Shade garden"....I miss my shade hope for it here at this house in sunny Florida


back patio before and after


patio ideas

Interplanting concrete pavers with mondo grass around your pool makes for a pool deck that's got a more natural feel, plus the grass just feels cushy and cool on your feet. Mondo grass is very low maintenance. We design and install pools and pool areas in the Minneapolis St. Paul MN area.