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  • bailey sutcliffe

    "I wanted to see the Universe so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away" -- The Tardis from The Doctor's Wife <3

  • Scott Berry

    From the archives of the Timelords and Whovians

  • Sierra McCutchen

    Cute fan art for Doctor who #doctorwho

  • Carolyn Heine

    "I wanted to see the Universe so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away." One of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who: "The Doctor's Wife"

  • Lauren Canaan

    Dr Who fanart , The Doctors Wife. My favorite doctor and his TARDIS

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I feel like the TARDIS can totally talk but they don't tell Amy and Rory since they'd think it was weird.

11 Gorgeous, Poignant Pieces Of Doctor Who Fan Art. "In case you weren't already having enough feelings about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who."

Doctor Who's TARDIS comic collage art

I have a Tardis on a cloud. I like to go there in my sleep. Aren't any apples for me to eat. Not in my Tardis on a cloud. There is a lady all in blue. Holds me and says I'm the Tardis blue. She's nice to see and real to touch and she says My Doctor, I love you very much...

Proof that The TARDIS is real! " I found this in a book and had to assemble it to show my Whovian friends. It is a manuscript border from the 16th century shows Rory and Amy in fezzes, a weeping angel baby AND THE TARDIS!"

The Control Room Through the Years | A Beginner’s Guide To TARDISRooms

How cute! The traditional cans that trail the getaway car - adorable idea for a vintage wedding! I love the details that were put on them!

I would figure out how to get inside and then live in it. The pizza guy might look at me a little funny, but we can figure that out as we go...

Even if this were not Doctor Who related, I would have liked the art...having a TARDIS in it is just icing on the cake!! :)

Doctor Who:  Tardis Purse So when I saw this I practically ran to the fabric store to make my own.  I’m in the middle of making one right now.  I’m hoping I can get it done by Wondercon (OMG next Sunday!!! ^_^).  I’m also going to use that wonderful Doctor Who fabric I posted earlier for the inside!