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  • Sílvia Ricardo

    Personal Data Mirror ~ Researchers at New York Times Lab have created something of a Snow White style magic mirror that would tell you anything from what the weather is like outside to how a particular tie would suit you. That’s not all. It is sound as well as gesture driven(thanks, Kinect) and allows you to surf the web, send emails, or even flip through your wardrobe.

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Thalmic Labs Founder developed a MYO, Gesture Control armband, made of ultralight foam-like plastic, an input device that communicates with your Mac, PC, phone or tablet over Bluetooth 4.0, and uses proprietary muscle sensors as well as a 6-axis motion sensor to track your movement. This armband could someday replace the mouse. But its creators say that the new language of 3-D gestures needs to be closed and controlled before standards can be set.

Would you wear an Internet connected shirt?? This is kind of crazy!

Microsoft's vision of what 2019 will look like. So wild and yet so achievable.

wyss institute for biologically inspired engineering at harvard university, develops 3D printed robotic lamp capable of self-assembling, presented at the IEEE international conference on robotics & automation (ICRA)

ASIMO - All New Features 2011. Can even walk over uneven surfaces - for instance, the ground littered with human skulls.

I have a disabled son. Not blind, but anything that helps the handicapped rates a plus with me.