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Do you know how to help dogs left in cars? Repin to protect pets, then click through to learn more about keeping pets safe!

give vegan a try ♥ every chicken I ever knew had a personality. The bravest most protective mothers imaginable ♥ RIP Rita.

Spay/Neuter...Change laws to protect animals. Make people responsible for NOT taking responsibility. We need stricter laws for animal abuse and neglect!!!

THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES DOES NOT HELP HELP TO FUND ANIMAL SHELTERS- If you want to help shelter pets, donate to local rescue/adoption groups or your local Shelter.

At The Animal Rescue Site, every purchase funds meals for Shelter Animals in need. Shopping + Helping Animals = Pawsome! Find this hoodie here:

from Mail Online

Volunteers save 1,000 cats from dining table after discovering them in cramped cages following crash

These pictures capture the moment animal lovers come to the rescue of more than 1,000 cats found starving, thirsty and cramped in cages on the back of a crashed lorry in China.The cats were destined for the restaurants of Guangdong until the road accident in Changsha, Hunan province delayed the journey by 24 hours and enabled the 50 locals to rescue them.They were nursed with food, water and milk before being packed off to Changsha Small Animal Protection Association for treatment.

HELP STOP Cornell University's BRUTALLY VIOLENT Deer Killing! It is crucial to SHUT THIS HEINOUS BARBARISM DOWN! Cornell University's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been baiting & luring deer into live-capture clover traps, then using captive-bolt guns, which kill the deer by shooting a metal rod into each of their skulls. Terrified deer have had to endure overnight capture in sub-freezing temperatures before being killed. . ENOUGH! PLZ Sign & Share!