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    A Look At 25 Years Of Married...With Children Around The World

    Al Bundy was my dad’s idol (let’s not talk about what that means for my childhood). I grew up in Canada, where it wasn’t at all surprising to have American television as an influence. But Married…With Children didn’t only cross the border to the north, it became a worldwide phenomenon, and not just ...

      Ever wonder what the Bundys would like like in say, Germany? Or perhaps Hungary? A Spanish Kelly?

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    Oliver Queen has heard of the legend and faced his League of Assassins, and tonight he finally comes face-to-face Arrow ’s main antagonist this season: Ra’s al Ghul. Check out the preview for tonight’s epic showdown.

    CBS’ Supergirl series has been steadily coming together over the past several months. This week, the studio began testing actresses to play Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers. Here's the first big name the network is looking at.

    First look at George Clooney on Downton Abbey!


    Actress Natalie Dormer may have scored a win this weekend in Mockingjay: Part I , but to most fans, she’s still known as Margaery Tyrell on Game Of Thrones . For the most part, her portrayal of the social and political climber hasn't caused a lot of waves, but apparently, there was a behind-the-scenes issue that caused some controversy.

    Now that the Frozen characters have been on Once Upon a Time for a while, the hullabaloo surrounding their appearances has died down. Now, ABC is back to adding veteran—and dare I say more nefarious—characters from the Disney canon.

    What Katherine Heigl Thinks About Shonda Rhimes Hating Her image

    Jimmy Fallon's go the moves.

    Do you like scary TV shows?

    Now that reality lurks around every corner, we forget how monumental The Osbournes actually was, taking us into the homes and the lives of the Osbourne parents and their then-teenaged children. Love them or hate them, Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly continued in the public eye after the widely-watched reality series.

    It’s tough to be on Dancing With The Stars . Reports from professional dancers and contestants over the years have shown the competition to be grueling and strenuous, and this season at least two of the guys competing are dealing with fairly bad injuries, one of which seemed as if it would be his downfall

    The Walking Dead has given TV audiences a lot of things that would have been censored by networks in the early years of television. We're seemingly beyond all that now, but find out which episode almost didn't make it past the censors.

    Comedy Central is already losing one of its biggest ratings bringers when Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report finishes its run at the end of the year. Now, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart has spoken out to talk about his own contract expiring in 2015, and his comments aren’t as reassuring as fans would hope.

    The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had a very special guest on last night. Former host Jay Leno was interviewed on the late night program for the first time since leaving The Tonight Show , and he spent the majority of the interview poking fun at his predecessor.

    HBO’s Girls is finally headed back to the schedule, and to celebrate, the subscription cable network has put out the first extended trailer for Season 4. It looks at Hannah, who is headed to Iowa for a writers workshop, while her oddball group of friends continue to adjust to life away from the warm embrace of their parents’ monetary cocoons.

    Little Women is getting reworked. The story, originally written by Louisa May Alcott about four sisters and their respective paths in life, has been made into countless movies and TV programs in the past. Regardless, the new version is expected to be quite a bit different than the story fans of the novel know and love.

    HBO has really done a lot for the gangster genre, between The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire . However, in the future, there may be room at the subscription cable network or elsewhere for Sopranos creator David Chase to push out a prequel series to the popular HBO drama, set in a slightly different era.

    Watch Jimmy Kimmel Interview A Hologram

    ABC’s Once Upon a Time has been all about Frozen this fall, creating episodes that pick up soon after the events in Disney’s hit movie. However, moving forward, the show will go back to pulling from the rest of Disney’s lengthy character lineup. This week, ABC signed on a brand new actress for a recurring role.

    Right after Arrow fans finally got their first look at Ra's al Ghul, the Season 3 big bad, The CW's superhero series stalled the serialized momentum with a villain-of-the-week. However, “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” did focus on Arrow 's most lovable character so the lack of a lot of easter eggs is easily forgiven.

    Discovery has creating programming that is more event-based recently. Nik Wallenda’s Chicago tightrope act aired live on the channel, and now the cable network is planning to get a little weirder with its newest special Eaten Alive .

    Harvey Dent on Gotham.