I swear if I didn't have willpower all my money would go to Doctor Who and Sherlock merch

Doctor Who 18oz Acrylic Cup with Straw

i'm done. xD

Doctor Who

I really like this because the tardis is bigger on the inside and so are books. Plus, books take you to new and exciting places just like the tardis! --- Doctor Who Bookends | ThinkGeek

Crossing Doctor Who with the Hunger Games...me likely.

Doctor Who


I will never not repin this

Cutest picture of David I've ever seen

Why are there so many beautiful shirts out there, and not enough money to buy them, as well as not enough space in my closet?

Thirteen actors have portrayed thirteen iconic versions of the popular Doctor, and the Doctor Who Regenerations Names T-Shirt lists all thirteen, along with a clever way of showing how each becomes another. The 100% cotton, navy blue《

Doctor Who Her Universe David Tennant Tenth Doctor Costume Dress - I could make something like this with a simple brown dress and fabric markers

Pretty much Or "If poking with a stick doesn't work, let's sonic it."

I would love to have a t shirt that just said ALLONS-Y kind of like the top left

Loooovvvee it!!!

So much awesome.

i want this on a shirt

Doctor Who Tardis Dress DIY @Teresa Selberg Duenas

Doctor Who catchphrase canvas tiles- Fantastic, Allons-y, Geronimo, and Logo on Etsy, $55.00