• Brenda Kaliszewski

    Truth, Scott knows nothing will get done when Im reading a good book :)

  • amy smith

    I'm just going to read a few pages of my book. Translation: leave me alone going to read 100 pages - reading books humor and quotes

  • Lauren Trochesset

    So true! I find a good book and I am lost for days!

  • Kristin Castro

    A book nerd's life #reading #bookworm #funny #quote

  • Sherry Walker

    .True story, oh so true.

  • Alicia Hart

    If it's worth reading, read it. If it's not at least give it a hundred pages. Then you can say you gave it a fair shot.

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So let's all read instead.

Only a book lover


'Tower of Books' is a fresh alternative to your stuck-in-a-rut reading log. 2-D and 3-D versions, with lots of reading list options! ($)

So true

Those who do not read..

bookmark cross stitch chart

Heck yes

Flagging strategies for reading comprehension. They put the flags directly into the book while reading.

The Last Unicorn

Might have to start doing this

People who does not read books has no imaginary things in their minds to make their dreams come true... This represents Scout because she loves reading and she looks forward to it as if it was as fun as playing outside or something. In fact, Atticus uses reading as a bribe for her to have to go to school.

A friend told me once that she gained comfort from well loved books....that she would read them in hard times and things would some how be better.... ^^ it's true. escaping into a well loved story is the cheapest and quickest therapy i've ever found (besides running or knocking the hell out of someone)


pretty much.



If you don't do this you have no idea how to read a book properly

@Felicia Stein