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  • Sheila Emperley

    When someone says "expect the unexpected" - Funny quote advises: When someone says "expect the unexpected" slap them in the face and say "you didn't expect that tit you?"

  • Christy Harris

    Article: 10 things you should expect in your first PR job

  • Delia'sCloset

    Holy cow! Now that is some funny shit!!!

  • arizona ward

    I did this one time. My friend said, "expect the unexpected." Right when she said that, my brother and I turn at the exact same time, slapped her (same time) then right then we both said, "you didn't expect that did you?" And everyone in the car was laughing!

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i want a great dane like this to pair up with my little black chihuahua. how freaking cute!

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This just made me laugh so hard!! I need a friend like this

Aww :( Poor Gabriel lol. Honestly I first thought of Gabriel from Supernatural when I saw that lol XD

➤ See the best Facebook fan page for Pinterest Humor! #funny