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    • Brittany D

      disney, little girl's room

    • Chelsea Miller

      I love Disney Princesses

    • hadassah

      We love Disney Princesses #disney #disneyprincess

    • Amanda Brown

      I can't decide if I'm a Belle or a Princess Aurora

    • Kristen Nelson

      Disney Princesses. I'm a Belle. A beauty but a funny girl.

    • Nadia Crawford

      I don't know which one I would be :) but I love Cinderella Belle Snow White and Little Mermaid ha ha I love them all

    • Amy N Si Grice

      Young Women Idea. YW idea: "youre each a princess, destined to become queens." For mutual about preparing for marriage, have the girls tell you their favorite disney princess, then give them one of these handouts with the princess of their choice.

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    Oh its true! more funny pics on facebook:

    Nice try, but last I checked Daphne wasn't a Disney Princess.... And neither was Cruella De Vil<<still a princess

    Disney are still pretty good at creating posters

    It seems only fitting that the Disney princess I identified with the most was done by someone with my name

    This is pretty awesome. but its obviously missing the most important one.. elsa. duh

    Except Kida is far from forgotten around here. She's actually one of my favorites!


    True friend - Disney style.

    Disney Horoscopes...find yours. I like seeing that I'm Belle/Taurus, but when went to click it, it showed that it may lead to spam, so I'm just pinning it for as it shows.

    And in Rapunzel, the witch, after exiling her into the wild, knocks the prince off the tower to land in a briar patch. The thorns blind him and he wanders aimlessly through the wilderness. Until Rapunzel finds him and her tears bring back his sight.

    Ariel- If Disney Princesses Were Burlesque Showgirls The show must go on. The designs of artist Madhanz would make some gorgeous Moulin Rouge costumes.