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Arm workout for slimmer arms in 6 weeks. I need to do this... like now

The No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout

Ab Workouts

10 Minutes to Tone: Arm Workout - Toned arms never go out of style. Take 10 minutes to work your biceps and triceps with Andrea Orbeck. She's trained many Victoria's Secret models, and now she'll train you in the comfort of your living room. Grab a set of dumbbells and get ready to sculpt sexy arms. Press play and follow along as Andrea leads you through this short, but intense workout.

The Best Exercises for Lower Abs

Kerry Washington's workout

12 Secret Pandora Workout Stations

great site

3. Dead lifts with bicep curls

Yoga For Absolute Beginners- Basic Flexibility - Part 2

7 min HIIT Workout

Fat-Blasting Treadmill Workout

Top 10 Ab Exercises

a beautiful body book project - love this photo (and her work). Come join me over on the blog as I share about my own struggles with body image!

This killed me. Victoria Secret Top Models Full Body Workout - it is a GREAT 10 minute workout. Plies & other ballet moves that will shred your legs! Plus has tons of other 10 minute videos

The total body workout only takes 8 minutes and doesn't involve any equipment. The 8 Minute, Fat-Blasting CrossFit Workouts.

(Burpees suck, but MAN do they tone your core!) BURPEE WORKOUT 10 Burpees, 1 Squat. 9 Burpees, 2 Squats. 8 Burpees, 3 Squats. 7 Burpees, 4 Squats. 6 Burpees, 5 Squats. 5 Burpees, 6 Squats. 4 Burpees, 7 Squats. 3 Burpees, 8 Squats. 2 Burpees, 9 Squats. 1 Burpee, 10 Squats. Rest 1 Minute. *Repeat in opposite direction. #Crossfit home edition #fitfluential

30-minute treadmill workout that's said to burn 500+ calories! it will pass fast. Sweet. Ready for this on another cold day.

Get Head-to-toe Toned w/this 37 min Kettlebell (or dumbbell) workout

After baby! 15 min belly blasting workout - Every woman can end up with a belly pooch due to underworked lower abdominal muscles. This workout will tap into the deep abdominal muscles—the transverse abdominis—that pull in your waistline like a corset. Do these moves one after another with no rest in between. Then repeat the circuit so you're performing it a total of two times.

this KILLS your legs and you feel it the next day, but feels AWESOME

jillian michaels 16 minute full body work out

"My trainer makes me do these and by far will give you flatter abs faster then any crunches!"

Itty Bitty Tummy Workout : I tried this out this morning & I can already feel it :)

The Little Black Dress Workout: 13 moves to get slim, strong and sexy in 4 weeks