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Awesome Homemade Facial Mask 2 tbsp French green clay ½ tsp powdered seaweed ½ tsp bee pollen ½ tsp dried honey (or 1 tsp normal honey) ½ tsp oils, whichever ones you want, in any combination 6 drops bee propolis Essential oils of choice, 6-8 drops total Water, to form a paste

Thrifty At-Home Facials and Mask Recipes… Share 67 By Heidi on April 1, 2010 Pampering yourself doesn’t need to be expensive ~ so go on and treat yourself to some good ol’ pampering at home!

Homemade Face Mask Recipes for each type of face. Whether you're oily skinned, dry skinned, dull skinned or acne scarred, here are a couple of fantastic DIY masks.

Plum and sour cream facial You'll need 3 ripe plums, 1 tbs of olive oil and 1 tbs of sour cream for this quick facial that is a perfect match for those who were blessed with a normal skin type. The anti-aging compounds found in these delicious fruits and the lactic acids from the sour cream will provide a gentle exfoliation, while the vegetable oil will ensure your skin stays well moisturized.

Cómo deshacerse de las espinillas en 5 minutos. La mitad de limón y 3-4 gotas de miel. Frote el limón en la cara, hacen hincapié en las cabezas negras zonas propensas como la nariz, la barbilla, etc. Deje la mezcla de limón y miel en la cara durante 5 minutos, luego lave con agua fría. Usted verá los resultados inmediatamente. Además, el jugo de limón también se desvanecerá otras marcas / manchas en la cara y la miel se hidratan.

lemon & honey foaming face wash, lemon-mango mint scrub,

Paula Deen Corrie’s Kitchen Spa: Savannah Bee Company Honey Hair Conditioner 1/2 cup organic honey, 4 tbsp light olive oil. Mix into hair, cover with cap and let set 30 mins before rinsing.

3 Best Products for Treating Blackheads.. I want to get the origins face mask. I love their products