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Check your position boo BEFORE you ever pass judgement or give me advice on mine. Could you imagine where I'd be if I would have listened to your hating ass give me advice because " You were concerned and you cared and you didn't want to see me get hurt..." All the while failing to remember you are STILL getting played out by "Your Nigga" who ain't never been Yours, bitch. You're a joke. And I am SOOOOO happy I didn't listen to you. Because I've never been in a better place.

"It's making you lose control. You're making a lot of slip ups now. Keep going fucker".... (Leave this here as a reminder to take legal action and report everything this week). I'll start with the department of public safety. To prevent the "gynaecologist"from doing the same shit to someone/anyone else. Enough is enough!!!

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