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BUB es un gato sin dientes. Por eso siempre saca la lengua. Es adorale!

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21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity



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And this photograph of two best friends on a swing. | Cats usually recognize how gentle they have to be with younger kids.

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This is BUB getting a bath.Watch BUB’s new video, BUBATH TIME tosee how important it is to be a clean BUB, and to have a clean dude...

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Watching Lil Bub Succeed In Climbing 15 Steps Is The Most Inspirational Thing You'll See Today

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Watching Lil Bub Succeed In Climbing 15 Steps Is The Most Inspirational Thing You’ll See Today

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The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened

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The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened

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This cat... lil bub. Look him up.

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Big NEWS from Lil BUB: BUB has a real TV SHOW. Lil BUB’s Special Special will premiere on Animal Planet Saturday, February 8th at 9pm ...

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This is a photo of BUB in the midst of an air drum solo.And this is a video of BUB wailing on an air guitar:

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BUB blew her own mind with the world premiere of her Star Party Animal music video featuring Andrew WK (written by BUB, her dude and his pal...

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Magical video footage of the moment that BUB met Spooky HERE

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lil bub loved by her human dad

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