Latest News via our Netscreens here at Chronicles. Scarlet Benoit has reportedly joined forces with The Eastern Commonwealth's most wanted Runaway Cyborg Linh Cinder!

Desucon, Lahti, Finland Kasumi Goto - ~jesmoth Photo and edit - *YumiKoyuki aka me Mass Effect © Bioware The costume is hand made by the . Mass Effect - The Master Thief

Cloud - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Character: Cloud Strife / From: Sony Pictures & Square Enix's 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children' / Cosplayer: Unknown

キュン死 必至! 春麗コスプレの小さな女の子

Mini Chun Li (Street Fighter) cosplay-so cute! Which reminds me: I dunno why they refer to the friend guy on Pawn Stars as Chun Li, but it always makes me think of Street Fighter.

Cosplayer: Narga and Aoki cosplay

Cosplayer: Narga and Aoki cosplay

Lightning, another amazing cosplay. Her hair and face are so magnificent

Lighting : mePhoto by: renCostume made by me about two years ago. Seems a bit larger… Lightning coslay 1

Lulu - Final Fantasy X Cosplay

For me, when speaking of the complex or challenging cosplay, final fantasy Lulu cosplay must be included in it. And I am always curious ab.