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  • Taylor MacRae

    I'm usually playing right along with him haha <3 true love ;P

  • Benjamin Salamanca

    A real girlfriend does not complain when her boyfriend is on his XBOX... She sits there and yells "KILL HIM!" True Story

  • Nora Dalrymple

    Gamer Girl Friends: The Difference Between "Jeez How Much Longer Are You Gonna Play That Game?" and "I Can't I'm Outta Mana!" | Over Worked And Under Paid

  • Christa Duve

    Or she plays the game with him!

  • Leah Richmond

    This is funny and true when the girl actually knows what's going on in the game :)

  • Courtney

    Or.... A real girlfriend grabs a controller & shows her boyfriend how a true gamer plays video games!

  • Yae Nnn

    No, a REAL girlfriend yells: "Gimme the damn controller and I'll show you how it's done!" (Geek Chic:

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