Bub in a truck

5 month baby boy john deer tractor mechanic

13 Newborn Photos!!!

Baby Boy team baseball cap and pants newborn photo by LandyKnits, $55.00 so cute!!!!!

Someone have a baby boy so I can take this picture for you. I still have my Tonka truck from when I was a kid.

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This is a must do picture <3

newborn baby and big brother picture - sweet!

So Adorably Sweet!

I want to do this one with a daughter, and then a superhero one with a son!! SO adorable!


If I ever have another boy... September Celebrity Prop Junkie & Photographer | Lens Love Photography

Fertility and Well Baby

All business.

Baby Boy pictures

I WILL have a picture like this one day.


baby photo

a little pinch of color: 15 New Born Pics for your Little Man