Pet Peek Window

My grandmother lives out in the country, and we go visit her once in a while. She has two dogs on her estate: Blinky and Pollock. They're both really adorable retrievers that love to play around and bury stuff in her garden. They're also very curious. P&B, as I like to call them, o
  • Suzanne Wheelis

    Dog window - too funny & a great idea

  • Katie Rasinski

    So funny! - Dog Peek modern pet accessories

  • Joyce Douthit

    The Dog Peek is an acrylic dome that lets your pet see what is happening outside. Dogs are very curious and desperately want to be aware of their surroundings. Help them out by connecting this window to your fence. Connection simply consists of four screws (included). Ideal if seeking very unique pet gift ideas.

  • Susan Reid Boyd

    Dog window. I will have to put a few of these in when I get my privacy fence.

  • Heather West

    Cute idea, but Bruiser would get the window all snotty and gross after a few hours.

  • Chelsea Lynae

    From my mom, "Chelsea’s Leila!! Great idea! Dog fence peek-a-boo" -yes, she'd spend half the day in her ufo window :)

  • Lynn C

    contemporary pet accessories by Opulent Items - dog fence window

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freeze water and chicken stock with toys, carrots, treats,etc to keep dogs from getting bored in the backyard.