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We're talking about gender bias in medicine today on the Feronia Project. Did you know that even today, most medical research is done on men rather than women? (As if we're the same.)

"Reverse" sexism - sexism is whenever anyone (regardless of gender) looks down at someone for their gender.

Men as people, women as objects.


Men vs Women - IDMRx.com

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"Terrence Higgins Trust have produced free booklets addressing the sexual health and well-being needs of trans men and women."

Man, woman... if you've got a cervix, get it looked at. #lgbtq #glbtq #trans #transmen #transgender

Transgender Awareness Week #TAW12 and Transgender Day of Remembrance #TDOR | GLAAD

An excellent comparison of today's ads for girls' toys to those from the past. - A great media literacy lesson showing today's narrow gender norms and body types.

Women are key

Binary, schminary: we're talking about intersex - what it is, and how to be inclusive when talking about gender.


on gender...


Transgender? In Ithaca, NY? Download the Pee in Peace app to find gender-neutral restrooms. Awesome technology from Planned Parenthood of Southern Finger Lakes.

Gender-neutral parenting - easier than you think.

Self Love

Brianna's favourite colour.

The Thumbless S'Mittens - Custom Valentine knit heart mittens, newborn to 24 months, choose size and colours. $15.00, via Etsy.