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    Nerd Girl Problems



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    That unexplainable crush you have on fictional characters.

    Nerd Girl Problems

    Nerd Girl Problem #386

    Wouldn't call it a problem really. But I do have 100's and 100's of books, they easily outnumber my shoes.

    There are certain fiction character's deaths you will never recover from. Ever. : Dumbledore. Fred Weasley. Remus Lupin. Tonks. Sirius Black. Rue. Primrose Everdeen. Tris Prior. Augustus Waters...


    Problems of a book nerd: Getting second-hand embarassment when a character in a book does something awkward.

    Every time I go into a bookstore, I get this happy feeling just imagining all the books I could read. SO TRUE!

    Oh my gosh, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden has ruined all men for me. Forever.

    Hate this.

    All the time!

    Book Nerd problems applied specifically to Harry Potter? Yes, please. Perfection! ♊️ •19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand - Buzzfeed•

    nerd girl problems

    But I don't want to put the book down!

    Problems of a Book Nerd


    Nerd Girl Problem

    harry potter inspired hooded sweatshirt pullover. This is adorable

    19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand. There is so much truth in this post that it almost hurts lol.