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So I decided to just be myself, and when people tell me to be quiet, I tell them to get off me.

seriously... if I did, my life would be a boy-crazy, drama-filled black hole of depressingness...

so perfect for bloggers everywhere.: timothy buckwalter Definition of me as soon as I hit the bedroom door. -Cindy

put it on a sweatshirt and id wear it everywhere

My daily conversation with myself. The struggle is real, folks.

This is like my calling card, you know I've been to your house if you find a bobby pin

it's quite a conundrum...omg I drink water all the time and then have to pee all the time. Its a problem!

All day with my 2 month old daughter I had to remind myself that it's tough being little-this is just what I needed right now :)

Aging. I need some BIG BOOBS to pull this off :-) Sugar!!!