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Animade Lernz - FALL

"Where things come from" by Hardy Seiler. Awesome!

Pixel art photography: retro renderings of cameras. The camera collection by antonio vicentini. animation

Cinematics on Vimeo- cute cartoon stylized history of the movies #Animation

count on me

A Ball & A Stick. Animation exercise. Tried to dig deeper into shape layers, graph editor and animation in general. I have read "The Animato...

The tale of a Rando by Markus. A promo for Rando - an anonymous photo sharing platform.

This is a little something I've made in-between jobs at work. It started out as just a few motion tests but I thought it would be nice to make it into a bigger thing and actually show it. So this is yet another abstract piece by me! Animation - Christoffer Morales Sound design - Alexius - soundcloud.com/alexius Font - Woodwarrior by Anton Bohlin

animated infographic

Here's all the Lernz in one place!


New and improved explainer video about an explainer video company! #meta www.lumeo.com.au


Gorgeous spot for the French Postal Service: La Poste - Pliages by edouard salier. La Poste _ Pliages

[VIDEO] Tiny Story | Once upon a time... #video #animation

Animation Weight Tutorial for After Effects

The 99% Conference Intro

Client: Kantar Production Company: Sennep Audio: Guilt Free Post Role: Animation & Design

Gray Keys by Carlo Vega.

Reader on Vimeo

graphism on game