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Gowing up: No way

Ahhh crap... too many of these apply!!

Just because you don't like fart jokes = DEFINITELY does not mean you're witty. No, it just means you have a stick up your ass and NO BODY thinks you are fun to hang out with. . .


When People Get Married Too Soon

Agree to some extent, coz sometimes I want to say - Pick a sweater and stick to it, dumb-ass!! :) :) Previous pinner: True story. Don't get married too soon!

that fact that i find this funny is one level. the fact that it ten reminded me of a penis, and a penis saying its a big dill...well that just sealed the dill! bahah get it?

I'm changing my name to 'Nobody' on Facebook, so when I see stupid crap people post, I can like it and it will say 'Nobody likes this'.♥