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One of my favorite quotes from Grey's Anatomy.

I need this!!! Maybe one day this will happen for me!!!

...and after all these years, I will still do it for you.

greys anatomy is like therapy.

Why it's so important to go into a persons history! Some things effect us that we didn't even know did

Grey's Anatomy taught me the importance of 30- second dance parties when things are looking down.

✯ Grief .:☆:. Grey's Anatomy ✯

Except, we are nurses. She always laughs at what I say and turns any tough day around. She's my smarty pants. Frick and frat. It started out as me being her look at us. Awe, I live me some Aggie

Always expect the unexpected (and relish in it). | 23 Life Lessons We Learned From "Grey's Anatomy"

I was religious with this show for years because it said stuff like this!

Still i will stay silent bc one thing i have learned is that the more YOU scream and yell... Who is the one whos exhausted???? Not ME. are....! You carry around my weight too