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genius!! way to partner students (and secretly keep the not-so-good partners from partnering!)The most basic way to use these is to write the names of any students you DO NOT want to be working together on the same wheel (he he). To find partners, simply turn the wheels until the names line up. In 5 years of using this, the students have never figured out that they won't be able to be partners with students on the same wheel as them.

Take a picture of students and have them make a mask for their pictures. Add a straw and have students fill out a dive into summer story. I'm thinking info on fish

Partner up wheel. Put the kids you don't want partnered up on the smaller wheel. Move the wheel to make partners and you will have partners that work every time.

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Literary Jenga: Reading Literature Game for ANY Novel Grades 7-12

Engage your students with this literary Jenga activity based on Bloom's Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge. This activity is for grades 7-12.

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Growth Mindset: Notes from the Teacher

Do you teach your students about growth mindset? These notes from the teacher are the perfect complement to my other growth mindset products, including my affirmation posters, flip books, and growth mindset privacy office! Easy to use for teachers and super beneficial for students, these 24 notes will reinforce your students for incorporating growth mindset concepts into their lives!

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9 Stylish Ideas for Transforming an Ugly Filing Cabinet

This is certainly a clever way to create a cozy, kid-friendly reading nook. And now you've got a place to file all your child's artwork, report cards, and notebooks. See more at A Burst of First » -