Children activities !

Tie-dye egg

melted crayon you can use

North Pole made out of solar light from dollar store.

Heart-shaped melted crayons for V-day

Great party favor for the little ones...notebooks with crayons.

DIY mini magnets! Make the pic a Polaroid in photo shop and shrink to size. Print it off. Cut it out. Glue to mounting/card board. Attach magnet to back (:

Melted crayon art!! Love this one the best so far!

DIY Afternoon Kid Craft. Upcycled crayons in silicone ice cube molds. By @Jennifer Flexible

Melted Bead key chain - Place plastic beads in a single layer in a muffin tin, leave space for a hole (or you can drill one later). Heat at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. Could also make as a charm for a necklace?

crayon art

How to melt crayons

melted crayons

Melted crayon pumpkins!

:) fun

Something fun to do with the nephews

This would make a cute favor for a rainbow party!

Crayon Heart Valentines

Melting crayons and fun with the kiddos!

melted crayon drawings

:) fun