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    So perfect. Haha Oh also that pic of Niall smoking is photoshop, he was not smoking, he started crying when people said he was

    I thought it was actually quite perfect

    Oh Liam


    remember!! I

    Awww Liam :)

    Our sweet Liam

    When he led the single greatest booty shaking moment of this century. | 30 Times Louis Tomlinson Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013>>>> I'm laughing they look so cute ! LOUIS YES

    I advise you to take a moment and look at each boys' reaction individually because its gold :'D.... #ForeverRepinning

    zayn x

    OMG this is SO perfect.

    Haha how could you not love this boy.

    Louis reaction was so funny.

    Aww :( anyone who doesn't love Niall is not a true fan and should not be allowed in this fandom! Niall is perfect and we love him!


    Oh Liam

    Oh Liam...

    Oh NIALL...liam in the last picture is like "niall you cant just say that"

    How cute is this whole thing