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Beautiful crochet technique. English translation button available, if it doesn't revert automatically. (I attempted to save the English version)

Very interesting stitch pattern

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interesting- I can see the stitch lines

embroidery - I like the way this produces a varied, almost thread-painted look, but with such a strong, regular stitch texture

I haven't seen this style of crochet stitch before. SO happy to find something simple but new to me. yay.

  • Noel Walker

    Why are all the neat patterns in other languages except english... grrr

  • Jeanne Marie

    Noel, I was able to translate the pattern when I opened the page in Chrome. The pattern is pretty simple. Chain the width of the blanket you want to make, then R1 sc in the 2nd st frm hk, ch 3, sk 3 st, sc in the next, repeat across to end. R2 Change color, ch 3, turn. 3dc in the first ch3 sp of previous row, 3dc in the next ch3 sp, repeat across to the end. Change color back to R1 color and repeat R1, change color and repeat R2. Repeat R1-2 until it is the length you want it.

  • Jeanne Marie

    We'll have to try it and see how that works, hm? Good luck and have fun! :)

  • Tara Lawson

    Beautiful pattern! I like!

Nacy Neill took this photo right around the time I choose to be a fiber arts major.  It reminds me of the best choice I’ve made! PATTERN:  Maultiples of 3 Row1: purl Row2: (right side) K2, *YO, K3, pass 3rd st on righthand needle over first two 2 sts; rep from * to last st, K1 Row3: Purl Row4: K1, *K3, pass 3rd st on righthand needle over first 2sts, YO; rep from* to last 2 sts, K2 Rep 4 rows, happy knitting :)

Crocheted Star Stitch. Bird of paradise scarf - this star stitch is beautiful. Free Ravelry pattern

wool eater blanket... instructions here sarahlondon.wordp...

Motivy (různé) k háčkování, pletení, vyšívání, aplikace, quiltting........ | Hlavní diskuse | diskuse |