Millennium Falcon.

That last one though..... XD

Star Wars is so far into the future they don't have wireless headphones this is just disappointing

Millennium Falcon interior layout

AT-AT field guide.

All-time Troopers

Millennium Falcon

Some geek architect is sitting at home smiling to himself because this is his biggest achievement... And its AMAZING!!!!

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Star Wars

star ship comparison charts - is it just me or is there a very important ship missing?

Here's a great little guide to the different kind of Lightsabers we've seen throughout the years in the Star Wars universe. Each Lightsaber comes complete with a tidbit of information that you might find interesting.

Star Wars family tree, I wonder if these kids of the Skywalkers and Solos will be in the new movie? #Sciencefiction #ScienceFictionArt #art #sci-fiart #sci-fi #starwars

CEC XS-1200 Freighter by ~boomerangmouth on deviantART

This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen (:

Spaceship Comparison Poster - by Avanaut.

Star Wars Career Path

Star Wars Pin Up!