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How to properly set a buffet table

How to properly set a buffet table. Most people set up a buffet with silverware next to plates making it cumbersome to carry them while choosing food. This is how I set up a buffet line makes more sense.

If you're self-catering or preparing a buffet, here's a handy guide to portions: | These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Plan Your Wedding

How much to serve at a Party / Party Food, Serving Guide, Party Drinks, Holiday Party, Fort Worth Party Planner

proper glasses for the proper wine

Drinking wine from a proper glass makes a big impact on ones wine experience. At your next wine & cheese event try tasting a wine in its proper glass vs a standard wine glass!

in case you were wondering...

Good Manners: Knowing Different types of forks - helpful to keep in mind if you're the host . or as a sneaky cheat sheet if you' a guest and are a little overwhelmed with multiple forks in front of you!

Great visuals on formal and informal table place settings (I need this for all my holiday dinners).

You would be amazed at the number of people who don't know how to set a proper table, much less the number who know what everything is for. {The Classy Woman}: The Modern Guide to Becoming a More Classy Woman: Manners Monday: How to Properly Set a Table

How to Set the Perfect Buffet Table

How to Set Up a Gorgeous Buffet Table for Your Holiday Party

How to Set the Perfect Buffet Table. might be a good way to do Christmas breakfast! Set the table after Christmas Dinner to be ready!