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crochet granny squares... this is a unique pattern for them.

Granny Squares, a variation of an old theme. This was big in South Africa in the sixties and seventies. Everybody had a granny square blankie. My gran thaught me how to chrochet on this pattern. There are several variations of this pattern.

Granny ripple afghan. I love a good granny square, and I also love a good ripple. Hooray for tutorials!

light blue granny square

Six different patterns from the same two-color granny squares. If you can make the two-color square, you can use it for *so* many pretty quilt-based patterns.

Blueish granny square

Weekend Granny Throw Crochet Pattern - This graphically interesting throw is easy to make. Start at the center with thicker than usual yarn and make just one great big granny square. It’s crocheted in one piece, so there is nothing to sew together.

Crochet granny blanket, inspiration.

The page for this actual granny square afghan does not exist? I am confident that I could replicate the design shown with your standard crochet granny square pattern. Very pretty.