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Robert Munsch reads all of his stories aloud on his official site! I never read Robert Munsch to my kids. I tell them I cannot do justice to his read-aloud amazingness! They have to listen to him.

Chapter books for the younger kids

A list of great read-aloud chapter books. There are many more recommendations in the comment section.

My Eight Year Only Likes Funny Books – Help!

Funny Chapter Books for Boys (and Girls, too)...every teacher from second grade on needs this!

Monster Spray to ward off bedtime monsters - tried and successfully tested by many parents whose children have night time fears. - Happy Hooligans

How to Help an Angry Child Calm Down PLUS 8 Calming Tools to do ANYWHERE

Tips for Calming the Angry Child: Why it's ok to be upset, and how we can help our kids learn to calm themselves anywhere!