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Random Questions to ask your Significant other when you're extremely Bored

As great as my relationship is with my husband, and as much as he is my bff in the whole wide world, there's sometimes where there's just not much to talk about. Either that or we're really bored and too dull to think of meaningful conversation. In those moments we often play the game of 20 questions (that just being the name of the game, not really the number of questions we ask each other).

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34 Conversation Starters That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

no relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share an umbrella and survive the storm together, love quotes

How Playing the Victim will Silently Destroy Your Marriage

It's when I started to lose my own humility and started thinking of myself as the better person. I began to think very inwardly- all the time. I only thought about my husband's actions as they affected me, never giving him the benefit of the doubt. There were times when he wronged me- for sure. But it's when I stopped confronting those wrongs, holding my husband to higher standards, and seeking restoration that the distance between us began to grow.

20 Bad Habits That Hurt Your Relationship

When my wife Ashley and I were first married, I thought communication was going to be a breeze in our relationship. After all, we had both studied communication in college and we both felt natural in conversation with each other, so when…