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I've always loved this kitchen and am so glad I found the pictures online. That door kills me.

Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree - stylish AND comfortable for standing on over long periods of time (ahem, Thanksgiving...)

Yes, this is Globus Cork tile flooring from . Glue-down cork tiles in random length and random width cork tiles. Using 100% cork tile in a kitchen is terrific for softness, liquid and stain resistance, warmth and durability.

BEAUTIFUL Cork Flooring I imagine white with a grey accent for our kitchen maybe?

Love the floors, the window pane cupboards, the bright white with subtle hints of color, and even the fridge. Just LOVE.

Cork Flooring Comfort & Noise Reduction Cellular structure traps air; it provides natural shock absorbing feel + reduces noise & vibration. Beauty It comes in many colors & patterns. Healthy & Safe Cork's waxy property called Suberin, it is an anti-allergenic/mold & resistant to insects. It protects from rotting when wet for a long time. it is also fire resistant & doesn't release toxic off-gassing when it burns. Durability and Ease of Maintenance Been used in public buildings since 1898.

Helen Palmer since we can't make a decision on flooring, I think we should go with every style available! Haha

Gorgeous Warm & Inviting Kitchen..Beautiful flooring, Countertops, cabinetry, lighting & ceiling...

We installed a cork floor last year and absolutely love it! Easy to clean. Soft and yet durable. And no echo in our open concept home.

if i had a kitchen like this... i'd die... but then dead people can't use kitchens... so lets just say i'd faint... and then i'd pop right back up and bake a cake. boom.