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    Ireland's Famine of 1845

    The grave of Margorie McCall, who rose from the grave in Lurgan, Ireland...After succumbing to a fever of some sort in 1705, Irish woman Margorie McCall was hastily buried to prevent the spread of whatever had done her in. Margorie was buried with a valuable ring, which her husband had been unable to remove due to swelling. This made her an even better target for body snatchers, who could cash in on both the corpse and the ring. click through to read more

    Sean Ross Abbey, a home run by nuns in County Tipperary, from where 438 babies were secretly exported to the US for adoption. Photograph: Br...

    'The 1841 census graded houses in Ireland into four classes. The lowest class consisted of mud and thatch cabins of a single windowless room like this'

    Ireland was the greatest victim of British slave trade. *We never learned about Irish slavery in school. I find it appalling that this chapter of our history was erased. bcb*

    Farmers about to be evicted during the Irish famine of the 1840s

    In 1879 alone over 1,200 Irish people were evicted from their land and left to starve. They had very little land and were unable to grow enough crops to feed themselves and pay the ren. Charles Stuart Parnell, Irish Land League, Evictions in Ireland

    The Famine in Ireland

    Fascinating, first person narratives (letters, diaries) written by pioneer women heading west in the 1840's. Title: "Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey".

    Lillian Russell. A plus size beauty in the late 1800s. She was around 200 lb at the peak of her career. She was considered "The American Beauty."

    Belfast, Ireland - 1973 OMG the memories.....these bastards slaughtered us....I was there, I KNOW.....

    The Famine in County Down, Ireland 1845 - 1850, Ros Davies' Co. Down, Northern Ireland Family History Research Site

    Allied authorities required local farmers to drive their loaded carts through the town of Dachau while residents were made to watch.

    The penal laws in Ireland: made it illegal for Irish Catholics to own land, lease land, vote, hold office, live in a large town, seek an education, and enter a profession or serve in the military...among a host of other discriminations.

    The Hill of Tara, one of the most revered spiritual sites in Ireland, is a place where druids held festivals, priestesses were trained and shaman’s rites were performed. Dating back to about 4000 B.C.

    The Picts, early inhabitants of Scotland. Pict actually means "painted people". "Pict" was the name of the people who lived in Scotland before the Scots invaded from Ireland, that's right the tribe known as the Scots are Irish. The two lived together and gradually merged until the picts disappeared as a distinct people.

    Hitler partying,while.millions sre murdered,starving,freezing,sick, being tortured,experimented on,etc.

    African slaves were very expensive (50 Sterling). Irish slaves were cheap (no more than 5 Sterling) and most often were either kidnapped from Ireland, or forcibly removed. They could be worked to death, whipped or branded without it being a crime. Many times they were beat to death and while the death of an Irish slave was a monetary setback, it was far cheaper than the death of an expensive African. African slaves were treated much better in Colonial America.

    This is amazing to me. And I've seen this in a museum. It's amazingly huge.

    Did you know what Japan did in World War II�

    Beautiful family tree of the British Royal Family all the way back to 1066