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(Open Rp for him) I was trapped, his scythe in a position that would permanently cripple me. I had the mistake of making eye contact and now he had control. His voice whispers at the edge of my mind, overpowering my will. My spear clatters to the ground, my hand having released it at his command. "Now was that so hard?" He says, his hands lifting my face.

To go with the literary theme, the couple named tables after famous authors. Ooo, I would do this, but then nobody would know which authors I was talking about. lol

© Lee Avison / Trevillion Images - While I love the cover that I ended up with, this image evokes Kate's story in FOLLOW THE HEART quite well!

Ok, probably not (and I definitely don't care for how tight and revealing that girl's pants are, nor her open-arms. That part is just unrealistic.) but you know, it could happen. XD

Two characters that are the biggest headache...but you'll love them all the same. Still of Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery in Downton Abbey.

The Night Before Duty **click on me for the full story**

(( I'm the guy!RP!)) This mask is a symbol. Of what you ask? Hatred and fear…

Prompt -- your character finds a stray dog and catches it, planning on trying to find its owner. the problem is that the dog is actually a shapeshifter and can only keep their current form for a certain amount of time...

This photo showing model Wyatt Kyte reminds me, in the set of his features and his expression/gaze, reminds me of what Thomas Ryder looked like as a young man (his current appearance in my story would involve some mental aging/extrapolation). The resemblance is even clearer in some of the colour photos, especially a couple with his hair tied back (because, believe me, little details like that really help for visualizing characters!)…