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    • Samantha Blake

      Lush Sweetie Pie Gift Box!

    • Candice Marinaccio Walker

      Sweetie Pie Gift | Wrapped | LUSH Cosmetics please exceed for my birthday get me this

    • LUSH Cosmetics

      Sweetie Pie gift: We’ve designed this new hatbox gift for those who loves sparkles, candy and all things pink. We had to include the dazzling Shimmy Shimmy, a heart-shaped, cocoa butter bar that melts onto skin to give a golden lustre. Two bath treats ensure happy bathing while you scrub up with cotton-candy scented Rock Star soap and sparkling purple Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly. Top it off with Bubblegum lip scrub for a scrumptious pucker and you’ll be the sweetest (smelling) thing!

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    This is my absolute favourite lush gift set!! ♡♡♡♡♡

    LUSH Legends: The ultimate gift for LUSH lovers. If you really want to leave them speechless, this is the gift to give!

    Hello Gorgeous gift: The contents inside this beautifully illustrated box are designed to make the recipient feel gorgeous on the inside and out. Encourage them to indulge in two fragrant floral bath-times and weeks of gentle mimosa and sea salt showers. Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and Vanilla Dee-lite lotion ensure soft and scented bodies while our Gorgeous facial moisturizer keeps skin bright, fresh and feeling fantastic.

    Relax More We can’t think of a better way to relax than soaking in a tub with the most mind-melting essential oils on earth: lavender and chamomile. This gift contains three of our most calming bath treats that will froth, bubble and melt you away to dreamland. Once you’re done soaking, rub in some Dream Cream body lotion before you climb in bed. Finally, call in your partner or personal masseuse for a massage with organic Therapy massage bar. Now you know why we’ve called this one Relax More.

    Ray of Sunshine If grey clouds are looming in someone's life, give them a ray of sunshine. Our shower box of warmth, comfort and Mediterranean citrus jubilation has four products that will help them to turn things around again. You can dispel the darkness with a miniature Sugar Scrub, Each Peach (And Two's a Pair) massage bar, The Olive Branch shower gel, and a wedge of Sexy Peel soap. Ahhh, that's better.

    My Fair Lady gift: For the fairest lady of them all.

    The Art of Bathing: The gift of beautiful bath-times.

    Happy Bathday: Our extra special, birthday-extravaganza box combines classic Bath Bombs and new favorites.

    Life is beautiful!

    Shiny Happy People gift set: Transform moody morning people into shiny, happy people with this gift of sunny, citrus delights!

    You're a Star: an A-List gift!

    Relax... Take a Bath This gift is a little hint to that someone in your life who needs to take some time to unwind. With a little nudge from you, they’ll have three good reasons to take time out for themselves and relax in the bath. We’ve updated this gift with Dorothy bubble bar, a floral ylang ylang bubble to help clear your mind and lift your spirits and our sleepy bomb, Golden Slumbers. Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt tops this gift off, a cocoa butter brick full of chamomile and lavender.

    Buttercup gift: This beautiful box makes a perfect gift for just about any occasion. Two of our all-time, best-selling products come together to delight the skin and senses; our irresistible, cocoa-butter flecked Butterball Bath Bomb and a slice of our mouth-watering Honey I Washed the Kids soap. Honey, aloe vera and vanilla make this duo smell divine and also make them suitable for even sensitive skin.

    Celebrate: Celebrate and smell good while you’re doing it!

    Do Knot Disturb

    Honey Farm gift: One sniff of the mouth-watering fragrance of our Honey I Washed the Kids soap and you’ll fall in love! That’s why we’ve given the scent to more products, including Honey Bee Bath Bomb, Soft Coeur massage bar and the latest, It’s Raining Men shower gel. Not only does it smell heavenly, honey is soothing on young, mature, dry and sensitive skin. We’ve packed all these scrumptious treats up into one box, plus our best-selling Butterball Bath Bomb for a gift that’s the bee’s knees.

    Little Green Bag: You may have noticed we love making things into solid form, from shampoos to massage oils, scrubs and more. We do it so that we can remove all preservatives and packaging with the result being fresh, handmade and totally naked products with beautiful ingredients. We’ve brought together four of our brightest solid inventions to keep you clean from head to toe, including Squeaky Green shampoo bar, Sexy Peel soap, Each Peach massage bar and our solid Sugar Scrub.

    Blooming Beautiful gift: A petite and perfectly pink gift for the blooming beautiful person in your life. Inside are two sweet bath-time goodies for fragrant bubbles and pink waters. Pop in the Bath bubble bar brings the warmth of a sunny Mediterranean orange grove to the tub, while Pink Bath Bomb disperses confetti hearts into pink, candy-scented waters. Blooming beautiful!

    Bold, beautiful and revitalizing – Ka Pow!

    Tutti Fruity Gift: Orange you glad we put the whole fruit in?

    Mr. Bumble gift: Bee-stow this bee-autiful gift upon your bee-loved and they shall buzz with happiness! This cutie contains a slab of our honey-packed Honey I Washed the Kids soap and our honey and mud swirled Honey Bee Bath Bomb. Absolutely mouth-watering fragrances and supremely soothing aloe and honey make these treats wonderful on sensitive, young, mature and dry skin. Catch one soon as these new gifts have been flying off the shelves! Bzzz!

    Rosie gift: When we do rose, we go all out with the real thing; rose petals, rose absolutes and oils, freshly picked from sun-kissed fields in Bulgaria and Turkey. This gift brings together Rose Jam Bubbleroon, Rose Queen Bath Bomb and Amandopondo bubble bar, three of our finest rose-filled bath treats for truly decadent bathing. Add to this mix our silky smooth Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner for gorgeous rose-scented skin, soft as petals.

    Uplifted gift: Let us uplift your spirits the way we know how; through gorgeous essential oil blends in fantastic skincare products. This box contains six inspiring treats for the shower, including soap, shower jelly and two shower gels to get you going on early mornings, put you in a good mood and, well, clean your skin. Our best-selling Ocean Salt scrub brightens and cleanses face and body while Buffy Body Butter moisturizes and exfoliates in the shower. Now you’re ready to face the day.

    Happy Gift: This wonderful gift for those who prefer showers is full of fresh citrus products to bring a little cheeriness into their life. Instead of waking up, stumbling into the shower and heading off to work without a single memory of lathering up, they'll be sharply awoken with fresh citrus fragrance from the shower gels, soaps and Emotibombs in this gift. Their morning shower will be something to look forward to, and revel in.

    Bunty: Bunty is our best-selling gift for the young and young-at-heart. It includes one of our long-time favorites, Pink Bath Bomb. Topped with candy flowers and filled with confetti hearts, Pink turns the bath water a lovely pink color (could you have guessed?) with the scent of scrumptious vanilla candy. Pink is paired with our ever-popular Comforter bubble bar for mounds of yummy blackcurrant bubbles, Butterball Bath Bomb for sweetly scented bathing and Creamy Candy for a bath extravaganza.