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Eat 5 Walnuts And Wait 4 Hours: This Is What Will Happen To You!

HERBS & SPICES that FIGHT INFLAMMATION Pump up the flavor of your favorite foods with anti-inflammatory spices such as chili peppers, basil, cinnamon and turmeric. Turmeric in particular has tremendous natural anti-inflammatory properties due to the active ingredient curcumin.

31 Ways Turmeric Protects Against The Post-Industrial Chemical ApocalypseIn a world saturated through with toxic chemicals, this spice may provide life-saving protection!

Since thyroid disease is an autoimmune disorder, an anti-inflammatory diet is often recommended.

Herbal Medicine Chart For Different Ailments: Part 1/4

Health benefits of Turmeric

I started giving this to my husband for his Rheumatoid arthritis and it's only been a week and I kid you not, it's better than prednisone! M.S.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Walnuts

Make sure you know what's right and wrong before you eat chia!

How To Make Healing Bone Broth - works wonders for colds, the flu, joint pain and more.

3 Simple Tricks to Effectively Optimize Turmeric for Maximum Bioavailability and Therapeutic Potency - Healthy Holistic LivingHealthy Holistic Living

The Best Omega-3 Food Sources

Clean Eating Menu Planner

Detox Salads

10 simple healthy food substitutions.. Minus the mashed potatoes I do all of these. Gotta get Eizai on more nutritious food!

Sourdough Starter Cultures from culturesforhealth...

Alkaline Foods

#Ginger #Infographic > Top 10 Health Benefits of Ginger including interesting facts, ginger #recipes and #nutrition information

Foods To Cleanse The Lungs

Just Add Good Stuff Lemon Infographic detailing the health benefits in a visual way #health #nutrition


Maca is a complex, nutrient-dense whole food source of vitamins, amino acids, plant sterols, essential minerals and essential fatty acids.

Are you eating enough veggies? Check out 10 Veggies You Should Eat More Of! #veggies #superfoods #vegetables

Can You Beat MS With the Paleo Diet?

womens health 25 ridiculously healthy foods | 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods by Women's Health | Fitness & Health. You may as well print this out & post it on your wall because it is absolutely on point!