cute animal tail hooks

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DIY Safari animal hooks. Loves it for Danielles Jungle themed nursery!

Painting for kids room 1 set (3 painting) for baby shower

Use cloud stencils to decorate a nursery— looks easy!

nursery art

string lights

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animal craft jars

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

DIY baby gate- fabric with large eyelets, on hooks... this might work. Wonder if I could use heavy Command Hooks? Something that's not very noticeable when the gate is down...

someone wrote:"If only more people took time to do this for their children!!! "What I love is that each morning, Charlotte and Amelia rush to their envelopes to see what we've written. The notes are sometimes a simple observation of a charitable act or a quick drawing to make them laugh. I love that Charles and I force ourselves to take a minute each evening to think about why we love our children. It's my version of Oprah's gratitude journal."

Dress up closet made from an old dresser with one drawer left in.

Hang board games on the play room wall (no glass front in frame) with a baggie on the back to hold pieces! Take down and play when you want! We have a ton of board games - what a cool idea!

Love the animals

Name shelf.

animal dividers for books - black card stock

tree stump storage

Elephant Dresser

So fun for a playroom or kids room!

Oh so precious.