Santa's key for Jesus- Dear Santa, This magic key works just for you, Please open the door and come on through. Thank you for coming to our house tonight. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you Santa for the gifts you bring. Thank you Lord for everything.

Dear Santa Key

Elf ideas...some new ideas I haven't seen yet!

Santa Hot Chocolate & Peppermint Kit

Santa's Magic Key...cute poem and key to let Santa in the front door ...for my little friends with no fireplaces. Give as gift several weeks before the holiday...Sweet

Classroom Christmas Party Ideas- pin the nose on Rudolph

My Mom always said "You can always believe in the spirit of Santa"

Christmas Snack Mix--I made this last year without the Santa Hats...Going to have to try making the hats this year!

xmas front door decorations

Such a good idea to remind us to give our worries to Jesus and leave them there!

Made from hand prints and foot print. Santa is made from thumb prints.

Santa Hand

This is a great gift idea for grandparents! Or for Santa's cookie plate!

20 ways to prove santa exists. Holy cow. I love this!

Santa and reindeer photo op

I found this website that shows you how to make adorable decorations for around your door! Love it!

graham cracker Santa for kids to make.

First House Ornament

Santa letterhead

It's true!!!! It works!! :D I'm 15 and called it and it made me so happy let your little kids call Santa its free and soooo cute! ~<3~

This was a fun project. Looks better with big Popsicle sticks. I glued them first, painted them, and sprinkled them with iridescent glitter. Pretty