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    Polar Bear


    Polar Bear


    New-born icebear

    Lovely Mother and Baby Lion. All animals feel love, pain and cruelty every human and animal deserves respect.

    Polar Bears

    Polar bears


    Hi there, bear

    Animals, from time to time, can be prone to abject disappointment. | 165 Things I Learned From 250 BuzzFeed Posts

    Watercolor Polar Bears, mother and cub by Susan Windsor

    "No, I'm not a Bear!" - I would be SO rich if I had a $1 every time I was asked this question.

    Polar Bear Sleeping in Alaska's Arctic

    Polar Bear


    Polar bear love

    by Nikolai Zinoviev

    Polar Bear.

    Polar Bears are native to North America (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Norway. Despite popular misconceptions, Polar Bears are not found in the Antarctic.