Blue Great Lakes. Don't care for the placement, but it's a very smart blue and accurately drawn. Nice idea.

family;one love - my tattoo

Best Friend Tattoo!

Maybe michigan though

tattoo #tatts #ink #tattoo

LOVE THIS IDEA: The “love” is my dad’s handwriting and the “you” is my mom’s. Dedicated to the two people I care for the most in this world." Want to do!!!

i love this tattoo

cute tattoo!

cute foot tattoo I really like this

Infinite love

Rose tattoo

Cross tattoo..

fox tattoo

I like the placement

Because I Will Love You Forever :: Inspiration Wednesday.... I think this is the one I want!!!

Husband gets it in wife's handwriting, and wife gets it in husband's handwriting. Love it!<3

dragonfly tattoo

<3 mickey heart

or this? but not blue. cute owl tattoo

cute tattoos

giving tree quote...if i ever have a little boy this will b my tattoo for him <3