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New claim: Ninth planet may exist in solar system - The Express Tribune

Resear­chers Konsta­ntin Batygi­n and Mike Brown say have not yet observ­ed the object direct­ly

'Ninth planet' may exist in solar system: US scientists - The Express Tribune

Resear­chers say they found planet throug­h mathem­atical modeli­ng and comput­er simula­tions

'Planet Nine': A ninth planet may have been discovered in outer reaches ...

Planet Nine': A ninth planet may have been discovered in outer reaches of solar system

Nasa's Juno arrives safely at Jupiter after an epic 1.8BILLION mile journey | Daily Mail Online

Nasa's Juno spacecraft fired its main rocket engine earlier today, slowing itself down from a speed of mph to drop into the gas giant's orbit.

Despite being so far from the sun, tiny Pluto has had an active geologic life - possibly including an interior ocean - that continues to present day.

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Pluto's largest moon likely fractured by sub-surface ocean: NASA - The Express Tribune

Renewable energy: POF division gets solar power plant - The Express Tribune

We all want to find ways to conserve energy and reduce our monthly electricity bills. A good way to do this is by using solar heating for the home.

Power cut in the evening or night hours does not engulf the streets of JJ Nagar, a residential area with 120 houses about 10 km from Coimbatore city, in darkness. Nearly 90 per cent of the population here are daily wage earners and do not have uninterrupted power supply systems or generators. But, JJ Nagar has harnessed renewable energy.  http://www.eai.in/360/news/pages/8770

Living expenses are skyrocketing and a lot of people are trying to find ways to cut down on their expenses. One thing that you can scratch off your monthly payments is your electric bill.

China flips the switch on world’s first Panda Power Plant – Daily Pakistan

China flips the switch on world’s first Panda Power Plant – Daily Pakistan

The beautiful, mountainous country of Nepal has been brought to its knees. A massive earthquake of magnitude 7.9 struck the nation on Saturday, a force so strong and so intense that its jolts and aftershocks were felt all across the region, even here in Pakistan. The aftershocks were so huge that

Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - ‘Balochistan govt will soon move bill against corporal punishment’

ESO - eso1241 - Planet Found in Nearest Star System to Earth

Planet Found in Nearest Star System to Earth - ESO’s HARPS instrument finds Earth-mass exoplanet orbiting Alpha Centauri B

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will use its infrared capabilities to study the "ocean worlds" of Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's moon Enceladus, adding to observations previously made by NASA's Galileo and Cassini orbiters.

306 отметок «Нравится», 2 комментариев — ASFR (@astronomiefrance) в Instagram: «Kepler-37 b est une exoplanète en orbite autour d'une étoile de type naine jaune, Klepler-37,…»

Scientists from NASA’s Ames Research Center have announced that the NASA Kepler Mission has discovered a new planetary system with the smallest planet ever found orbiting a star similar to that of our own sun.

Ich verspreche Ihnen, dass es schlimmer ist, als Sie denken. Wenn Ihre Angst vor dem Klimawandel von der Sorge um steigende Meeresspiegel bestimmt wird, kratzen Sie gerade an der Oberfläche dessen, …

Hurricane Irma Closing In On Florida, Leaving Wake Of Destruction

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10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth and cause a mass extinction: Adaptation, Astronomy, Earth's Structure and Processes

Glowing UFO ball seen in Siberia,Russia

Glowing UFO ball seen in Siberia Russia UFO sightings 2017 .A giant UFO resembling an enormous glowing ball lit up the night sky, sparking fears of an alien .