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Kimbra Heather and I really like her and have for awhile now. She's great love her videos and unique in a way thats better than listening to the radio some days.

Free EP of Kimbra remixes. Brenmar, Owsey and more. fingersonblast.sq...

I found a pair of sunglasses really similar to Kimbras at Target!

Google Image Result for userserve-ak.last...

Kimbra "Settle Down". i love this girl's unique music style and voice! and i may or may not have copied some of her dance moves..

with the unfourtunate passing of Amy Winehouse, and the vocal absence of Christina Aguilaira, the talented part of pop culture has created a void for this jazzy voice to fill. in other words... YUSSSSS!!

Kimbra: seriously, if you've never heard of this girl go look her up. right now. why are you still reading this?? do it now!

Why can't my hair be so perfect? Oh yeah, I don't have professional Hairstylers and real life doesn't use photoshop.

Gorgeous hair and make up but as an alternative to wearing falsies all the time I wear 3D #mascara by #miaAdora. You can get more info here: