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So true...especially when you have a headache, my first thought is to take a nap! lol

I realize this is TMI, but it's the truth. If you wear fab under-roos you'll feel better about yourself.

Skreenedfrom Skreened

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I AM THIS PERSON. And if I don't interrupt you, I'll forget what I was going to say because it's always an important part of YOUR story! SMH.

Etsyfrom Etsy

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Words to live by

I can only hope that everything actually does happen for a reason and that some day I will look back at my life and say "It all makes sense now. Thanks God for giving me those experiences."

Perfectly said! When he walked into my life I just thought he was just some guy. I never though he'd be my confidante, my best friend, my helpmate and the love of my life!