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Tiffany Dahle
Tiffany Dahle • 1 year ago

The Ultimate School Party Treat: No cupcake rule at your school? No problem! Try this birthday cake flavored popcorn mix for your kid's next treat. Totally addictive!

  • Allison Cuttino
    Allison Cuttino • 1 year ago

    No need to bash. if you don't want your child to have this kind of stuff at school than send a note and when your child gets mad at you because everyone in class gets some but him/her, you can explain why. when you deprive your children of sweets, it makes them want it more. my best friend was never allowed to have sweets so when she went to college, she ate sugar cereal every meal for a month and then ate dessert with every meal after that...and guess what? she's not addicted or overweight! so, to each their own, but don't bash

  • Karli Burnach
    Karli Burnach • 1 year ago

    My son eats quite healthy, he prefers carrots over any candy. But a treat every now and then is not a crime. Gees.

  • ~•♥ Vikki ♥•~

    No cupcake rule? Seriously? What are schools coming to these days? I remember when kids were allowed to celebrate their birthdays with a treat!

  • Lindsay Booker
    Lindsay Booker • 1 year ago

    I would love to know how that works out for you. Making a food off limits is a sure fire way to create food issues. We should teach children healthy moderation.

  • Zina Harrington
    Zina Harrington • 1 year ago

    At the Montessori school my girls attend the no cupcake rule exist because of crumbs. The teachers have a hard time cleaning up. That being said, the school also teaches children about healthy eating. My ladies know something like this is a special treat and their "energy" comes from carrots, etc. Every meal is an opportunity to teach children how to manage their own bodies. :-)

  • Jenifer Dunkle
    Jenifer Dunkle • 1 year ago

    I'd love a no cupcake rule, my son has allergies and he is excluded from all treats at school because of this. I think school isn't a place for sweets. I allow sweets at home or when I am with him so I can control it.

  • Ariel Eishen @

    We have a store bought rule and I've been seeing that more an more due to Hepatitis. Sad, but true.

  • ALArms Photography
    ALArms Photography • 1 year ago

    IMO: there is nothing wrong with sweets in moderation nor is there anything wrong with celebrations, how unfortunate that there are children in the world who don't know what cupcakes taste like because their parents don't allow it. i agree with zina that you should teach the child about eating healthy that way they are able to make these decisions later when you aren't around to tell them what they can and can not have.

  • Joey Shay
    Joey Shay • 1 year ago

    You could homeschool if it's that important to you.

  • Ida MC
    Ida MC • 1 year ago

    Love this idea! My son has food allergies and "I" provide the snacks that are safe for him... it's not anyone's burden to do that, but people can exercise some compassion. After all, your beloved cupcake can kill my kid!

  • Tiffany Dahle
    Tiffany Dahle • 1 year ago

    To each their own choices on how to handle sweets. My daughter's school didn't like cupcakes because of the mess the frosting made. Her teachers were thrilled with this unique snack and we served it in small individual cups for portion control. The treat is served outside of official snack time where they were given fruit or veggies along with a protein. Our family practices moderation vs restriction.

  • Ashley Mumford
    Ashley Mumford • 1 year ago

    We have a no treat rule because of food allergies. They can bring a different non-food treat--which is fun, too.

  • Pam A
    Pam A • 1 year ago

    Who knew a kid's treat could be so controversial? This looks yummy!

  • Angie Traxler
    Angie Traxler • 1 year ago

    Wow, do people search pinterest for reason to b*tch and complain ?! We have a no home made treats rule at my children's school, but you are allowed to bring in store bought treats. And IMO -- if you don't like something, move along ... don't leave your rude comments. SMH.

  • Kristy Baerenklau
    Kristy Baerenklau • 1 year ago

    Looks good. My kids would love it. We do moderation. My kids are also very active so I don't have a concern about their weight. They know that if there are cupcakes that they have one. They have limits as to how many and how much they can have. This way they are aware of anything. That moderation and taking the taboo qualities off the food that should be only anytime foods are the reason that with all the fair food to be had my kids all chose the fresh fruit and grilled corn on the cob booths. The no treat rule for birthdays was to combat obesity. I'm sorry. Your child does not have a weight problem because of one cupcake or rice crispy treat from school. That is more attributed to the food that the parents bring into the home and the amount of activity or inactivity that you allow your child to have overall.

  • Kristy Baerenklau
    Kristy Baerenklau • 1 year ago

    I can see the allergy issue but if the parents know ahead of time you can always send a special treat that your child can have so that when everyone is having something they can too.

  • Angela
    Angela • 1 year ago

    yet we love the christmas crack?? you all are messed up.

  • Paris Atelier Judy Humphrey

    And yet @L. H. you have bacon pops, bacon wrapped hot dogs, and a multitude of sugary sweets pinned on your board? Mind your own business & if you don't like a pin just keep going. Nobody comes here for negativity. Hypocrisy is a terrible thing!

  • Michelle Holland McReavy

    Wow it amazes me how people complain on something as innocent as treats for kids. Each family has their own rules, their own beliefs and we are in America where each of us are FREE to have those choices whether it is to be vegas or eat meat, sugary or no sugar. Don't force your beliefs on anyone. It seems from the many years I have had children in school most parents and teachers will gladly substitute other treats for kids if their parents kindly ask. When your a B* about it, it just looks bad for you AND your child. Grow up and act like the adult parent your supposed to be.

  • Rachel Miller
    Rachel Miller • 1 year ago

    As a parent of a child with food allergies, I in NO way expect others to provide treats especially for my child at events. Life isn't fair - it looks oh. so. yummy - and if we were at a playdate and you brought it, some of us can enjoy eating it and my allergy-child can enjoy looking at it :) It is life.

  • Jennifer Kilbourn-Danielson

    this is sad that a person can't post an idea without being judged, my god people this is just to give people ideas on new things to try. Nobody said you have to like the things that are posted. If you don't like it just move along to the next pin. really why is the drama needed.

  • pin pin
    pin pin • 1 year ago

    Well Said!! Get a life people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nichole Vielleux
    Nichole Vielleux • 1 year ago

    They're not cupcakes... they're morning muffins. ;-)

  • Darlene Olson
    Darlene Olson • 1 year ago

    I can't believe all the comments for this pin. Would all of this been said if the caption just said Yummy!!?

  • amomwithalessonplan (Jillian) Riley

    As a parent with kids without food allergies... I would be more than happy to provide snacks and foods that EVERYONE can enjoy. These popcorn treats look so good. I bet it would be pretty easy to change them up to make them festive for any holiday.

  • Tania4962
    Tania4962 • 1 year ago

    Rachel- love your attitude towards this! I always feel sad when people immediately attack instead of being reasonable. If your child has an allergy then make sure there is always a special treat frozen that can be thawed for your child to enjoy at School.Then they don't miss out and everyone is happy.

  • Christine Pinder
    Christine Pinder • 1 year ago

    Oh my gosh people!!!! Get a grip - do what is best for your family. If it doesn't work for you don't look! My grandson's soccer coach has a no sugar rule for her family and instructed all the parents who are bringing snacks to follow that rule. So ALL the other 8 kids get a water for after the game. 1st game there were a lot of crying 5 year olds. My brilliant daughter - now packs a snack and for her son and he drinks the water. Adjust to what works for your family, but for heaven's sake! Be respectful of others too. She has a "sugar in moderation" rule in her home, but is being respectful of the coach and her wishes.