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Pescallunes' (Moonfisher) 100x100cm / 40x40" charcoal and acrylic on cotton canvas by *CARLVS / Carles Gomila

"The most beautiful people in the world, are the ones who's soul's shine like the light of angels, and spend their lives surrounding the world in love and light." - Jasmeine Moonsong **original artwork by: Lhuin**

from Polyvore


Mirrors are terrible things. They show us how we think the world sees us rather than showing us how we want to see the world.

Nysyly and Skal. Skal was named after Nysyly's late sister, Skala.

Inutition vs Interferance When Reading the Cards One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome when reading the cards was the urge to make them fit the situation. Have you ever had a tarot spread come up and thought the cards were "out of order," as they didn't fit what you believed to be happening, or they really weren't what you wanted to see?

cuteclaycritters: Have you already missed Frozen? xD Here is an Anna commish for you ^^ Can’t wait for the final version of the new Vayne skin - must …. draw…


Some Angels and Fairies

Some Angels and Fairies - Sharenator