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And we wonder why they go postal?

Some people still wonder…

sweet jesus...dial 9-1-1 NOW!

Hahaha too true

Seriously though. ^_^

Favorite pictures of the Queen of England.

The last line

Haha, this is actually a great idea, but I think I would do it with my bestfriend instead! Bahaha:D @Lisa Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Harper Abbott


How To Get A Creeper To Stop Snapchatting You. hahahahahahaha perfect way!

I don't shovel both sides either. I do his side then enough for me to do the same thing. It just makes sense!

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Hiding under the table

Oh My God!

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so funny!

Nailed it.

"Dude, my icepack is judging me" (Never text for a good 3 hours after getting your wisdom teeth out -- on second thought -- do, it is so entertaining): Funny Texts, Wisdom Teeth, Icepack, Giggle, Ice Pack, Autocorrect, Funny Stuff

oh snap!

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Story of my life, I have insomnia and I except it so most days I'm just like her. I also plan to kill everyone who tells me how much they slept