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Incredible cloud formations

Mammatus clouds, associated with the anvil cloud and severe thunderstorms.

Sky Wave, Costa Rica

Mammatus clouds

Clouds are the most amazing love love clouds...specially the ones that are sooo low that you can almost touch them...ahhh the beauty...incredible clouds

When lightning flashes across the sky, make a wish. When flash-lightning (where the whole sky lights up) occurs before a storm actually starts, make a wish on it. When a lightning bolt makes a jagged streak in the sky, quickly make a wish. If you can get your wish started before the bolt completely disappears, there is a good chance your wish will come true.

Angry Cloud.

Sudden lightning storm


What We Don't See Beyond The Tornado

Amazing cloud!

A rare cloud formation called a mammatus, where clouds take on a bubble-like shape, appeared in the skies above Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada following a thunderstorm on June 26 [2012 ?], Photo courtesy of Preston Smoke/CBC.CA (Linda)

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UNBELIEVABLE LIGHTNING SHOW AT THE GRAND CANYON   Photograph by DAN RANSOM   Photographer Dan Ransom took this incredible shot on August 28, 2011 during a wild electrical storm at the Grand Canyon. Just an amazing capture and event to witness. Nature is incredible. Camera: Canon 5D Lens: Sigma 20 1.8 Focal Length: 20 [...]

Montana Thunderstorm, amazing

Beautiful Sky

A storm that produced 8-inch diameter hailstones bears down on Vivian, South Dakota July 23, 2010. (Chad Cowan) #

Incredible red dust storm and rain clouds combine over Indian ocean, off West Australia (Jan 9, 2013)

When Hell Breaks Loose ... summer storm at harvest time in Strohgau / Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Crazy storm. #Mothernature #Storms