Cute crafting idea for beverage thermoses.

AXiD cooler sugar <3 | sorority sugar


love this idea. probably doing this for someones christmas or birthday present soon! :)

Cool idea for Spring Break trips! A sorority girl's version of a frat cooler! <3

Fraternity cooler frat alpha tau omega ATO let's get star spangled hammered its 5 five o'clock somewhere formal

This is the most useful thing I have ever ever seen on pinterest

21st Birthday - Drinkable Cake... Someone make me this please!

"Rush Survival Kit" for my littles first recruitment!

10 Of Our Favorite D.I.Y. Booze-Themed Coolers. It's A Frat Thing. | Food Republic

How to paint cooler!

What Would Jimmy Buffet Do Canvas.

love the cooler

spring break cup fosho

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at


Drink. Drank. Drunk.

"doing service can be tiring at some times, so here's a jug to hold some refreshments in!"

you never know when you might need ideas!